As did 40% of Jewish Congressmen

Daniel Greenfield

There's a misleading debate over accepting Obama's first batch of Syrian migrants, the vast majority of whom are Sunni Muslim economic migrants, not refugees, and unlike the genuinely persecuted Christians and Yazidis whom we are not taking in, face no actual persecution. The media bellows ceaselessly that the Sunni Muslims are just like the Jews during the Holocausts. They're more like the Nazi war criminals fleeing Berlin after losing the war. Like the Nazis, they also hate America and want to kill Jews. Polls show at least 1,300 of Obama's first refugee batch support ISIS.


The vast majority of Americans oppose Obama's Syrian migrants plan. What is interesting about these polls is that the focal point of opposition is not in the west, but in the fairly liberal Northeast.

These are the numbers that have the Democrats scared out of their wits. Because much of the opposition is coming from parts of their base. The so-called Trump Democrats.

These are extraordinary numbers because they reverse the normal national security polls and because much of the Syrian refugee propaganda has been soft, aimed at empathy and sympathy.

But it may be that enough women have heard of the Syrian sexual assaults by refugees in Europe not to want to bring the same thing to America.

It's the Northeast part that is most important. This is the focal point of the opposition. Why?

One reason might be that the Northeast has been pretty hard hit by Islamic terrorism. Consider 9/11, for example. The legacy of it hangs over the current debate. The original ringleader of the WTC bombing came and applied for political asylum. It's far from the only such case in New York.

13 out of 27 New York congressmen voted for the America SAFE Act bill to tighten screening of Syrian migrants. Among them, 40% of New York's Jewish Congressmen voted for the bill. While Elliot Engel and Nita Lowey chose to vote against the SAFE Act and endangered their Jewish constituents, Steve Israel and Lee Zeldin voted for it. (Zeldin is a Republican.)

Meanwhile in Colorado, Jared Pollis, who is gay, is under fire for voting for the bill. As did Sean Patrick Maloney, who is also gay, in New York. And Sinema, who is also gay, in Arizona.

That means 50% of gay members of congress voted for the SAFE Act. The reasons there are also obvious considering that Muslim settlers in Europe have made a habit of attacking gay people in European cities.

While the media continues howling its propaganda, there seems to be a curious level of dissent, not so much on the right, but in areas and among groups most likely to be targeted for violence by the tens of thousands of Syrian Sunni Muslims, many of them Islamists, and with sympathies for Islamic terrorists.

These are numbers the media isn't talking about because they scare them so badly. This may be an early sign of dissent, similar to what we've seen in Europe, by vulnerable communities recognizing how Muslim migration and settlement threaten their way of life.

Source: Frontpagemag.com

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