Rabbi Angel Kreiman z"l Memorial


On December 30th, a ceremony was held in the Eshtaol Forest for the dedication of a grove in the KKL Forest in the name of Rabbi Angel Kreiman z"l. Rabbi Kreiman was a pioneer. He was the first graduate of the Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano Marshall T. Meyer as well as the first president of the Union of Latin American Rabbis, now the Rabbinical Latin American Assembly. Rabbi Kreiman set an example as a respected rabbi, community leader and accomplished educator. He was awarded the Human Rights Award of the Chilean National Commission of Human Rights along with President Aylwin of Chile and Senator Edward Kennedy as well as the Rene Cassin Prize of International B'nai Brith for outstanding work in the field of human rights.


Rabbi Tzvi Graetz spoke of Rabbi Kreiman's strong leadership skills and devotion to his community. He highlighted Rabbi Kreiman's leadership during the devastating earthquake in Chile in 2009 which destroyed the Masorti synagogue in Concepcion. Rabbi Kreiman helped Masorti Olami launch an international campaign which inspired Masorti Kehillot from all over the world to donate in order to rebuild the synagogue. The ceremony was attended by his family, rabbis from the Masorti Movement, representatives from KKL and members of the Kehilla in Concepcion, Chile.

Source: Masorti Olami

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